In furs

IMG_0906 IMG_0912 IMG_0921 IMG_0930 IMG_0952Zanzea hat
Iron Fist coat
Primark trousers
Bronx wedge
As it gets warm I always find warm clothing so useless, but as winter hits there is nothing better that those socks that grandmother gave you or a huge furry things. Now I’m enjoying this coat so bad,  especially in this picture-case, since, we stopped by to take a few pictures and my car didn’t turn on as I returned. This coat helped to wait for help in warmth so me and my friend didn’t need to follow those lost-in-mountain movie scenarios.

Cindy jacket

IMG_3287 IMG_3306 IMG_3324 IMG_3340 IMG_3370 IMG_3391Untitled-jh1 IMG_3407 IMG_3415
Tart collections Cindy jacket
M&S shirt
Vintage skirt
Bronx wedge
Last week I received a package Cindy jacket from Tart collections to preview up-coming fall collection. Since it’s dark and rainy lately quilted jacket becomes one of the basics, so wearing it is a pleasure but it was hard to find a right moment to take pictures. I picked a size bigger so it would look great creating laid back outfits. I fell for it since it looks so minimal British countryside look, yet it’s detailed in the way of classic rock chic leather jacket.
It’s not available on store yet, but you can check out other pieces from Fall collection here at Tart Collections.

September rust

klara mec bohemian clothingklara mec clothing long capeklara mec clothing street styleZARA fedora hat
Klara Mec coat
All Saints scarf
DIY skirt
FINSK wedges

I managed to make few pictures and I’m back to bed, I got ill so baldy. Well, it’s not that much of the pleasure as it was in a childhood. Feelin hot, but this time in a very wrong way, haha.
I was wearing Klara Mec’s sample asymmetric coat which I received quite a while ago but finally I found my way to make it wearable the way I like it. I enjoy the shape it has itself and the way it shapes the body lines as being worn, only that color was a pickle to handle.   


None of rebellion

zara blazer outfit hm trousers zara blazer converse sneakerszara balzer isabel marant shirt zara blazer long black street styleZara blazer/ Primark trousers/ Converse sneakers/ Mango ring/ Vintage shirt

Nothing makes me feel better than combination of sneakers, black tight trousers and classic blazer. Taking it to the highest point and adding white shirt makes everyones heards turn, since it looks like weird almost office lady is passing by. For me it’s we outfit I grew up in, following blindly rock stars all dressed up in John Varvatos.


Comfort zone

_MG_8307Bershka sweater/ Din Sko heels/ Zara hat

One of those things I couldn’t figure out how should I wear is this sweater or baseball jacket, however you’ll call it. It looks kind of nice itself but was a strong “street wise” vibrations. I tried most possible ways but still not find it very comforting. And wearing it makes me stepy out of my comfort zone majorly. Weird, since it’s not some arrogant edgy piece of cloth.   

We are all made of stars

festival look boots shorts festival look fedora hat christmas sweater festival outift shorts bootsZara hat/ Cubus socks/ New look bag

Not taking of the hat, no way. My outfits are quite easy village living kind of lately, but it’s just because I’m being dependent on the situation. I’m not walking a dog in fancy dress and mostly it’s the only free time to be photographed after daily deeds. I’ll try to make some more of the day time outfits next week. It’s going to be busy, so all the best for you on Monday!