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Uniform for spring

classic rock chic outfit1.Classic black tote
Skinny jeans
3. Sweater with cherries
4. Minimal biker jacket
5. Chunky cut out boots
Refiling your wardrobe staples is always a good idea, so I’m marking my few favorites publicly. This is the outfit I imagine myself wearing on a busy day. Biker jackets are always in my heart and probably is there to stay forever. Sweet sweater is something light-spicy to finish the outfit and spring is not that hot for shirt alone. I saw this sweater on some lady in the super market one day and I’m so glad I’ve found it online! Those berries are 3d, how adorable. The other good thing is that I finally, found Asian (you know, a cheap one) shoe shop, who make my size shoes, Check out LovelyShoes if your shoe size is eu 40 or above.  

In furs

IMG_0906 IMG_0912 IMG_0921 IMG_0930 IMG_0952Zanzea hat
Iron Fist coat
Primark trousers
Bronx wedge
As it gets warm I always find warm clothing so useless, but as winter hits there is nothing better that those socks that grandmother gave you or a huge furry things. Now I’m enjoying this coat so bad,  especially in this picture-case, since, we stopped by to take a few pictures and my car didn’t turn on as I returned. This coat helped to wait for help in warmth so me and my friend didn’t need to follow those lost-in-mountain movie scenarios.

Blinding winter

IMG_0746 IMG_0751 IMG_0756 IMG_0757 IMG_0763 IMG_0769Zara hat
Vintage scarf
Zanzea oversized jacket
Zara trousers
Mango bag
Choies boots
My-O-my, I since it’s so sunny I am so in a mood for some lovely outfits but its amazingly cold so I just have to dig in for all the warm stuff. I end up looking not- cool for myself or my camera-man can’t keep a camera steady due to chilly winds. So things on blog are freezing as well as me. What is more, I feel a bit ashamed since my outfits are covered in sunlight, but can we ever get to much of it? Totally not.

Paris calling

IMG_0593 IMG_0625Mesh midi skirt
Free People beret
insk wedge
Wallis coat
Persunmall sweater
Images of old ladies walking elegantly with berets somehow got stuck in my head and I couldn’t resist not to get one. It always makes drives me to thinking of elegant woman wearing all black with a cigarette in between the fingers sitting somewhere in cafeteria, where Eiffel tower stands just in front. Yet, nowadays look has to be a bit more modest but beret is still a great staple for post-grunge chic. 

Tights will do

IMG_0405 IMG_0416 IMG_0419 IMG_0423 IMG_0430 IMG_0459Zara tights
Primark jacket, skirt
Kookai top
Mango tote bag
Tights please cross print tights
It’s so interesting how fashion rarely likes warmth. I love skirts and in this chilly winter no other can help. So many accessories I forget due to business and laziness, even thought it might be a great way to refresh you look. Also, not that easy to find some inspiration of how to wear statement tights yet to look casual; had to work this on my own and went for a safe choice.


IMG_8718 IMG_8719 IMG_8731 IMG_8732 IMG_8755 IMG_8757Monton blazer
Primark t-shirt
Vintage skirt
Primark boots
Composing the lines about over the knee boots in a previous post made me think of having problems in memory section, since I digger in my closet today, finding these super pretty loose boots. If there was no Atmosphere print on innersole, I wouldn’t think these might be so cheap. Indeed, it felt much more satisfying to walk in Stuart Weitzman ones as Kate Moss. But these will do to satisfy this urgent need.

Back on track

IMG_7470 IMG_7471 IMG_7490 IMG_7496 IMG_7503ASOS cable knit scarf
Zara trousers
Choies boots
Custom made and Cheap Monday rings
Chop-chop and I’m back on track, already a week without posting a single look, that’s unforgettable. Great depression of that pretty fall. Today, I dedicated myself only for it and things will be normal again, or even better.
Partly responded e-mails, checked out my to do list, as always, I want to post so so much. I have a great variety of DIY in my mind and I’m just burning to do these, hopefully will do some, but for today – a simple look, mixing leathers and knits.