September rust

klara mec bohemian clothingklara mec clothing long capeklara mec clothing street styleZARA fedora hat
Klara Mec coat
All Saints scarf
DIY skirt
FINSK wedges

I managed to make few pictures and I’m back to bed, I got ill so baldy. Well, it’s not that much of the pleasure as it was in a childhood. Feelin hot, but this time in a very wrong way, haha.
I was wearing Klara Mec’s sample asymmetric coat which I received quite a while ago but finally I found my way to make it wearable the way I like it. I enjoy the shape it has itself and the way it shapes the body lines as being worn, only that color was a pickle to handle.   



rock chic violet blazer rock chic violete outfit Zara hat/ trousers/ Converse sneakers/ Mango turtleneck/ Lindex blazer

Major works are going on all around: my house is shaking due to street repair works, in the garden fence is being changed, and for the final – all the rooms are in a floor-less – wall-less condition to change the interior a bit, These walls you see behind fascinated me, giving loft kind of vibe. I hope builders won’t be too quick so I can enjoy it for longer.