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Bright side

daisy print sweater daisy print sweater omg fashion daisy knitwear omg fashion daisy pattern knitwear daisy print black sweater Zara fedora hat
Omg fashion daisy print sweater
Vintage boots
Zara leather look trousers
I almost forgot how a piece of cloth can affect the mood. In a very good way usually! I saw this daisy print sweater some time ago,  and oh, gosh, I knew it’s an Autumn must- have, cozy, over-sized and a bit grunge. Received it on Saturday and it made my day! So little did I need to bring back myself in a positive mood. That’s called Shopping therapy.  

September rust

klara mec bohemian clothingklara mec clothing long capeklara mec clothing street styleZARA fedora hat
Klara Mec coat
All Saints scarf
DIY skirt
FINSK wedges

I managed to make few pictures and I’m back to bed, I got ill so baldy. Well, it’s not that much of the pleasure as it was in a childhood. Feelin hot, but this time in a very wrong way, haha.
I was wearing Klara Mec’s sample asymmetric coat which I received quite a while ago but finally I found my way to make it wearable the way I like it. I enjoy the shape it has itself and the way it shapes the body lines as being worn, only that color was a pickle to handle.   


Black celebration

boho chic look fashion boho chic look boho chic style boho chic street styleTaifun leather biker jacket/ Zara scarf and fedora hat/ Primark dress and bag/ Finsk wedges

I have this obsession on my Finsk wedges now. It takes me two months to crave till I buy something then it takes to months for me to start actually wear the piece. Now these’s some great sales going on, but since I such a turtle minded, you’ll see what I bought new year. Need some mobilize myself.
Also, I finally opened
my facebook page, slowly but surely ha-ha. Join me HERE.


So safe, in the blinding light of love unchained

white leather jacket inspiration outfit white leather jacket converse outfit white leather jacket bue shirt white leather jacketMans shirt/ Primark trousers/ bag/ Converse sneakers

Then I got this white jacket I struggled highly, how to style it so I would not look to elegant and chic, well, that’s not that I’m going for. I really loved a combination of white and shades of blue, here comes a blue shirt. It brings positivism and looks good in most of situations, I’m loosing my rebellion so badly. On the other hand, Converse for me was always not those sneakers that only look good, it’s all about grunge! That is more, now, I can easily match any brownish thing I want, since I have this devil in furs.   


Only by the night

vintage jacket f vintage jacket street vintage jacketVintage jacket/ Diy skirt/ H&M shirt/ Finsk wedges

It’s a last day of summer, omg, I’m going to cry. Trying to catch up with everything that is only summer-available. Every day is taken by the down way earlier, I still can’t get along with it. The good thing is that we’ll have this short period of dressing up real nicely, mixing in the background of red leaves falling.

Take my advice

romantic casual look fashion street style romantic dress boho look romantic look backpack romantic look fashion strreet styleZara fedora/ Vintage bag/ Garage shoes sneakers/ Primark jacket/ New yorker scarf

Getting back to routine is no good, I did some partying in the middle of the week, crushed by two days of work, so the day after was just crossed out of live. But honestly, I can’t blame work for that it happens when I meet my brother usually, and oh, I did. I’ll try to be good and borrow his superb camera, so I could make some gorgeous pictures for my blog, wish me luck!


rock chic violet blazer rock chic violete outfit Zara hat/ trousers/ Converse sneakers/ Mango turtleneck/ Lindex blazer

Major works are going on all around: my house is shaking due to street repair works, in the garden fence is being changed, and for the final – all the rooms are in a floor-less – wall-less condition to change the interior a bit, These walls you see behind fascinated me, giving loft kind of vibe. I hope builders won’t be too quick so I can enjoy it for longer.