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Tights will do

IMG_0405 IMG_0416 IMG_0419 IMG_0423 IMG_0430 IMG_0459Zara tights
Primark jacket, skirt
Kookai top
Mango tote bag
Tights please cross print tights
It’s so interesting how fashion rarely likes warmth. I love skirts and in this chilly winter no other can help. So many accessories I forget due to business and laziness, even thought it might be a great way to refresh you look. Also, not that easy to find some inspiration of how to wear statement tights yet to look casual; had to work this on my own and went for a safe choice.


IMG_6114 IMG_6126 IMG_6131 IMG_6136Vintage dress
Banggood bag
This week is more or less minimal dark one I might say. I couldn’t wear anything more than basic pieces. Today, I did  put on a lovely dress I bought moth or more ago and just had no chance to wear while it was appropriately warm. I love it, very old school and bohemian, probably will try to match it with long socks and boots.
I was in doubt to post these pics since, the mood turned out different of what I had in mind, and the only pic with my face shown is quite funny – no other. Anyway, I’m taking a risk just to say “Hy!” and wish for good next week to you guys.  

Legends of the Fall

cute fall outfit beanie cute long blonde grunge hair cute minimal handbag asos beanie cute minimal korean fashion handbag cute ootd cute red asos oversized beanie cute skirt cable knit asos scarfASOS oversized red beanie
ASOS mixed cable knit scarf
H&M jacket
Boohoo skirt
Banggood minimal handbag
 I just had a great relaxing Sunday, it made me feel how good every season can be. Falling leaves is one of the prettiest things ever and I just got obsessed by idea to take some pictures with leaves falling all around.
Weather was fantastic, so I wore my new buys while I took a walk in the park, bought a big cup of latte and did some window shopping. Sometimes nothing compares to small things like that.

Cindy jacket

IMG_3287 IMG_3306 IMG_3324 IMG_3340 IMG_3370 IMG_3391Untitled-jh1 IMG_3407 IMG_3415
Tart collections Cindy jacket
M&S shirt
Vintage skirt
Bronx wedge
Last week I received a package Cindy jacket from Tart collections to preview up-coming fall collection. Since it’s dark and rainy lately quilted jacket becomes one of the basics, so wearing it is a pleasure but it was hard to find a right moment to take pictures. I picked a size bigger so it would look great creating laid back outfits. I fell for it since it looks so minimal British countryside look, yet it’s detailed in the way of classic rock chic leather jacket.
It’s not available on store yet, but you can check out other pieces from Fall collection here at Tart Collections.

None of rebellion

zara blazer outfit hm trousers zara blazer converse sneakerszara balzer isabel marant shirt zara blazer long black street styleZara blazer/ Primark trousers/ Converse sneakers/ Mango ring/ Vintage shirt

Nothing makes me feel better than combination of sneakers, black tight trousers and classic blazer. Taking it to the highest point and adding white shirt makes everyones heards turn, since it looks like weird almost office lady is passing by. For me it’s we outfit I grew up in, following blindly rock stars all dressed up in John Varvatos.


Take my advice

romantic casual look fashion street style romantic dress boho look romantic look backpack romantic look fashion strreet styleZara fedora/ Vintage bag/ Garage shoes sneakers/ Primark jacket/ New yorker scarf

Getting back to routine is no good, I did some partying in the middle of the week, crushed by two days of work, so the day after was just crossed out of live. But honestly, I can’t blame work for that it happens when I meet my brother usually, and oh, I did. I’ll try to be good and borrow his superb camera, so I could make some gorgeous pictures for my blog, wish me luck!

Miss you

sunshine 2 sunshine blog sunshinedeadly inlove blogZara hat/ Zara shirt/ River Island t-shirt/ Converse/ Asos socks

This year it’s different, I should be in Edinburgh by now. Just like I do every summer, but decision was to take a break, not sure if it was right. Now, I have this feeling that August is not the way it should be, so that’s left if not to carry a tote with a note of love for some far away city.