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The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

a norvilai wedding bohoExactly two months ago at this very moment, new family was born. And now, I feel it’s time to share Our Big day with all of you.
We began our journey as newly weds following the steps of Sartre, the philosopher whom views I admire and feel that life should be followed by the ideas of him. Wedding took place in Nida, on the dunes, there this philosopher walked saying that he feels like walking beyond the clouds for the very first time. Straight after the wedding day we went to Paris where we had a cup of coffee in Cafe De Flore, famous place where Sartre and other philosophers used to spend days and days inn. And, of course we went to Montparnasse cemetary- the resting place of J.P. Sartre. It all went greatly easily, who knows- by mistake or desire, but I should believe- by desire.
Anyhow, symbolism is a bliss, yet all we wanted was to have the best day of our lives and celebrate with good mood and happy people. We planned everything in a month or so and we couldn’t imagine it to be more perfect. I bought a dress from Fame and Partners, slipped in Adidas Honey Low, didn’t do my hair at all and wore the crown of flowers made by my mother. For my loved one we picked clothing from Zara and Asos, also painted vintage biker jacket by ourselves for this special day.
And it was beautiful and fun and great and wicked weathers of the fall kneeled before us giving sun. We had amazing party after the ceremony- dancing all night in the neon lights, fireworks and champagne rain. Yet it went so fast and I can see nothing more we coul have done to make it better.
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To put in the words

boho summer hair bohoZara dress
Casio G-Shock

Only now, I feel summer coming to the end. Time passes quick and yet weather was grateful and I kept myself in the summer winds. It was easy especially then we traded first cold week at home for trip to Paris.
… And just because of the theme of this blog I’ll say: I did, I did visit #PRW. Score (!)

Black celebration

boho chic look fashion boho chic look boho chic style boho chic street styleTaifun leather biker jacket/ Zara scarf and fedora hat/ Primark dress and bag/ Finsk wedges

I have this obsession on my Finsk wedges now. It takes me two months to crave till I buy something then it takes to months for me to start actually wear the piece. Now these’s some great sales going on, but since I such a turtle minded, you’ll see what I bought new year. Need some mobilize myself.
Also, I finally opened
my facebook page, slowly but surely ha-ha. Join me HERE.


Welcome to my world

poncho picnic beagle poncho zara poncho new look zara chanelponcho cute beagle dog poncho new look beagle dog poncho new look
So here it is, the reason I was hardly blogging this week, just because of my new family member, we proudly callad Gala. Such a cute monster- those little sharp teeth just want to eat of my ears every night, but anyway I’ll take it as a free piercing.
Besides last week I went to Depeche Mode concert- best thing ever ❤ Also I was featured in Lithuanian weekly magazine “Laisvalaikis”.
And it all happened in 24 hours, quite productive don’t you think? 
lasivalaikis priedas

One caress

deadlyinlove blog boho chic outfit converse sneakers hat hat coat rock chic outfit street style roch chic outfit fashion blog rock chic boho cute chic oufit converse ombre hair rock chic cute coat boho converse black coatPrimark jeans/ Wallis coat/ Converse sneakers

I can finally see some signs of summer coming, color of grass is confusing my mind every time I see it, so bright and alive. Sadly it’s not warm yet, but I hope it’s a last time I’m wearing coat this year. Now, I’m off to one special place, but more on that later.


jovonna london silk dress bohoJovonnaLondon dress

Well, it’s the second of April and all I can see is snow outside, why-o-why? But it can’t be forever this way, so I did a little shopping for very hot summer nights. This silk dress has that lovely hippie-boho vibration and fits really nice. Even though color is challenging for me, but I needed some new color in the closer, I think.