floral a floral dress asos flower dress flower print dress flower rock chc flowers boots flowersASOS Bardot dress
ASOS Align Boots
Vintage jewelery
  Yesterday, I received some clothing I ordered, in a celebration of good weather and unrealistic expectation that August will be grateful enough to stay for two months or so. Anyhow, this dress is something I will be able to wear in Autumn also, only covering my shoulders with biker jacket.  

Star crossed

IMG_0002 IMG_0006 IMG_0013 IMG_0027 IMG_0041 IMG_0056Choies black t-shirt
Sheinside spagetti strap dress
Yesfor tote bag
Sandro boots
  I used to wear shirt with big Jesus print on it as I was a teenager. It was a gift from my boyfriend and caused me some trouble by prude like teachers with their over the top conservationism. Yet, only after dark Givenchy collection, featuring with dogs and nun-like creatures of the night, I feel liberated to wear this type of top without being to alternative. Maybe even looking a bit chic but from the depths of my heart teen-like.

Cup of coffee by the beach

IMG_9574 IMG_9576 IMG_9581 IMG_9591 IMG_9611 IMG_9649 red dress chic lookH&M fedora hat
Yesfor messenger bag 
Guess blazer
Asos Laila flats
Sugarhill boutique stripped dress
  You don’t have to be a great observer to see how much I enjoy a seaside. Most of the time I don’t take camera, just buy big cup of coffee from Statiol gas station —come on – it’s really good— to drink while watching sundown… But then I take my fellow Canon, sunlight is always grateful sending me exquisite sparkles in the slashing seawater. 

Golden Hours

IMG_3371 IMG_3372 IMG_3374 IMG_3380 IMG_3401 IMG_3416 IMG_3428H&M panama hat
Zara dress
Ebay sunglasses
  Even though, I am sure me and my camera are counting months till the day of your tearful separation, under the evening sun it can still show it’s dedication to me and my blog. I will get new camera as soon I make it clear where I’m going to be next year and it will be all new page in my heart and in my blog. Of course, there is a million things I need to learn yet, but then I think I bought my first camera 1.5 year ago, I learned a lot and it became something I could not live without.


IMG_4695 IMG_4727 IMG_4734 IMG_4737 IMG_4754 IMG_4763 zz monochrome suitH&M panama hat
Ribbon Scuba Crop top

Ribbon Scuba Midi Skirt
I’ve already told you I like this suit, it is one of those pieces that releases your fantasy in a wardrobe. It’s body conscious shape makes me look so chic and a bit vintage. What is more a high waisted bottoms are always an easy option to add some height. In my case – even more.
Have a lovely Saturday :* 

Leather and dots

IMG_3139 IMG_3141 IMG_3145 IMG_3149 IMG_3161 leather pants dotted shirtPolka Dot Print Lapel Chiffon Shirt
Adidas Shoe Zx 700 Contemp W
Miss Sixty eco leather trousers
Mango bag
  Today I tasted how Ross (Ross Geller from Friends, of course) felt then he wore leather pants in a wrong situation.
It wasn’t so warm in the morning, so I pulled these on; it was a friendly reunion since I was angry at them for so long for making my legs look chunky. This time, situation turned even worse- it got so freakin hot and sun was burning me down from the inside, due to those damn trousers. I had to change in into a dress that I had in a car (luckily).
It is so life like, ha-ha. You just never know what to wear.


IMG_3443 - CopyIMG_3458 IMG_3473 IMG_3479H&M fedora hat
H&M crop top
Ribbon Scuba Co-Ord Midi Skirt
   Last week I got this monochrome set from Bank, I was uncertain if I’ll get along with it. Buuut I just needed to put it on- I feel in love. Yet, I’m not wearing it all together this time, but you’ll see this print not once, I am pretty sure.
What is more, I am challenging myself to post every single day this week. Hope that stating it publicly will help to keep myself on track, ha-ha.