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New Year and post-wedding moods


Hello, everyone for the very first time this year. Hope you’ll have the best year to come!

It’s been some time already but since I received plenty of questions about wedding and all things around here comes this little post. Now, I think I have quite big suitcase of knowledge to advice on smartest choices once shopping for your Big Day online. List could go on for hours but few things were such finds I have to share at once.

First of all, every lady thinks of the one and only Dress. I advise to take a deeper look to your vision and you can find what you love for cheaper, just try to add a bit of rational thinking when choosing and don’t go for something too edgy, just think of how you’ll look in the pictures ten years after. If you are one of those who wants eternal classic such as Vera Wang, Oscar De La Renta  or BERTA, I’d to go for and it will be no other than smart. Get you dream dress and save a fair amount of money, pretty cool, isn’t it?

Second, if you want to create clear theme of celebration on your own you should spend some time in Instagram search looking for #wedding themed hashtags. At first it’s quite messed up but later on you’ll see that you can get tons of ideas for prettiest day of your life!

Last but not least is my precious Ebay, it’s the best place to find all magical little detains from garlands to your dream shoes. But you have to be careful; some items are even cheaper if you go to specialised shop straight away. For instance, it is cheaper to buy balloons with helium (the ones that fly ;)) in your local party store that buy balloons online and then blow them.

I hope that this will help a bit for those who wander, otherwise,  drop me a note.

DIY Cans for Decorations

diy cans 20140129-IMG_7001All hail to long gone section of my blog- DIY. Lately I’ve been doing loads of crafts and it’s about the time to share all my good deeds. This time I did one of the easiest but very practical projects. Since I am a great coffee drinker I piled up great bunch of empty Lavazza cans. Painted these with acrylic paint and it became great pot to plant flowers or place my pencils and other bits. Super easy and fun, what is more we give lifes to things we don’t need- it’s always big plus!  can DIY

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

a norvilai wedding bohoExactly two months ago at this very moment, new family was born. And now, I feel it’s time to share Our Big day with all of you.
We began our journey as newly weds following the steps of Sartre, the philosopher whom views I admire and feel that life should be followed by the ideas of him. Wedding took place in Nida, on the dunes, there this philosopher walked saying that he feels like walking beyond the clouds for the very first time. Straight after the wedding day we went to Paris where we had a cup of coffee in Cafe De Flore, famous place where Sartre and other philosophers used to spend days and days inn. And, of course we went to Montparnasse cemetary- the resting place of J.P. Sartre. It all went greatly easily, who knows- by mistake or desire, but I should believe- by desire.
Anyhow, symbolism is a bliss, yet all we wanted was to have the best day of our lives and celebrate with good mood and happy people. We planned everything in a month or so and we couldn’t imagine it to be more perfect. I bought a dress from Fame and Partners, slipped in Adidas Honey Low, didn’t do my hair at all and wore the crown of flowers made by my mother. For my loved one we picked clothing from Zara and Asos, also painted vintage biker jacket by ourselves for this special day.
And it was beautiful and fun and great and wicked weathers of the fall kneeled before us giving sun. We had amazing party after the ceremony- dancing all night in the neon lights, fireworks and champagne rain. Yet it went so fast and I can see nothing more we coul have done to make it better.
beautiful boho wedding love beardnorvilai beautiful boho wedding love happynorvilai beautiful wedding boho deadlyinloveblognorvilai boho beautiful weddingnorvilai boho wedding nida love beautifulnorvilai deadlyinlove blog wedding bohonorvilai deadlyinlove blog wedding photosnorvilai deadlyinloveblog beautiful weddingnorvilai deadlyinloveblog love weddingnorvilai deadlyinloveblog wedding photographynorvilai deadlyinloveblog weddingnorvilai wedding beautiful boho sweet deadlyinloveblognorvilai wedding boho beautifulnorvilai wedding boho deadlyinloveblognorvilai wedding boho fame and partners deadlyinloveblognorvilai wedding photography beautiful boho deadlyinloveblognorvilai wedding photography boho deadlyinloveblognorvilai wedding photography deadlyinloveblog

Montmartre and Other Stories

a parisCN coat
Zara basic dress
CN puff bag
Adidas Honey Low trainers

Here comes my last post from Paris experience, in honor of this vivid city. Every new place leaves my mind burining with places, spaces, people, food and everything culture is about. Anyhow, when it comes to words on the blog I find it hard to shape all letters so you would feel yourselves where I’ve been. ‘Cause Paris is just the way we feel it and it’s what I imagined before coming there: majestic miles holding the spirits of my favorite writers, artists and designers.
DSC_0473DSC_0707DSC_0708DSC_0711DSC_0984DSC_0730monmartre blogmontmartree

Paris Fashion Week

paris fashion a a Zara rollneck
Zara Basic skirt
CN Plush Bag
CN Wool Coat
Kelya Shoes Lace Ups

  Luckily enough as we visited Paris fashion winds blew us to Jardin Del Tuileries where we found ouselves in the heart of fashion week. It’s always a pleasure to visit FW as it’s eternal source for inspiration. Next time we’ll come prepared for all the buzz and pretty people, but for now take a look to the snapshots.
paris fashion a week street st paris fashion weej street paris fashion week street style paris fashion week street paris fashion week t paris fashions paris z fashio n fweek

Postcards from Paris

paris a photo diary TopShop Cape
All Saints Leather Jacket
KelyaShoes lace-ups
Asos Skinny Denim

One more destination from never ending travel list can be crossed out. It’s Paris this time, me and my husband went for a klitche, because you just can’t go wrong with it. Weather was wonderfull as the city itself and even though the plan was to take it easy: it never happens in a places like these… Eiphel tower, Champs-Élysées, Les Invalides, Montmartre, Louvre, Père Lachaise and everything in between. And- of course- drinking wine in evenings with the view to sparkiling vivid metropolis.  What is more, this was the first proper holiday in our lives– perfect no other way to call — and now I can tell that being just a tourist is a delight.
paris e travel diary paris eipfhel tower paris eiphel tower paris fashion street paris photo 4 diary paris travel diary blogparis travel street style