New Year and post-wedding moods


Hello, everyone for the very first time this year. Hope you’ll have the best year to come!

It’s been some time already but since I received plenty of questions about wedding and all things around here comes this little post. Now, I think I have quite big suitcase of knowledge to advice on smartest choices once shopping for your Big Day online. List could go on for hours but few things were such finds I have to share at once.

First of all, every lady thinks of the one and only Dress. I advise to take a deeper look to your vision and you can find what you love for cheaper, just try to add a bit of rational thinking when choosing and don’t go for something too edgy, just think of how you’ll look in the pictures ten years after. If you are one of those who wants eternal classic such as Vera Wang, Oscar De La Renta  or BERTA, I’d to go for and it will be no other than smart. Get you dream dress and save a fair amount of money, pretty cool, isn’t it?

Second, if you want to create clear theme of celebration on your own you should spend some time in Instagram search looking for #wedding themed hashtags. At first it’s quite messed up but later on you’ll see that you can get tons of ideas for prettiest day of your life!

Last but not least is my precious Ebay, it’s the best place to find all magical little detains from garlands to your dream shoes. But you have to be careful; some items are even cheaper if you go to specialised shop straight away. For instance, it is cheaper to buy balloons with helium (the ones that fly ;)) in your local party store that buy balloons online and then blow them.

I hope that this will help a bit for those who wander, otherwise,  drop me a note.

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