Meeting young hearts

a BasharatyanV clothing   Last Thursday, my morning started in Brick Lane and after cup of coffee I went to visit Felicities showroom. Finally, stepping out of my cage to refresh my blog adventures.
It’s always a great pleasure to see works of young designers. As I know few young ones myself, I saw how much work and dedication there is in every single inch of collection. Its a shame that some of us can not support young talent only because we know not of their existence. Weirdly, that’s the case mostly, since prices are nothing to complain of.
I found some names to keep on the list for good. One of those leather-rocking label Early Morning Rebel, who make gorgeous minimal pieces. Worth to mention, BASHARATYAN V and especially their jackets, colored soft candy like palette.
My personal favorite was blue floral prints resting on the long vintage looking dresses by Beautiful Soul, modern look on ethnicity by Ethologie. What is more, you just can’t forget the stories printed on David Longshaw clothing. 
   For the finals, as I have such long lasting affair with jewelry it would be a sin to forget names like Imogen Belfield, Linnie Mclarty.
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