IMG_6445 IMG_6478 IMG_6487 IMG_6489 IMG_6492 IMG_6507Zara blazer
Asos Tall Longline Top
Persunmall white trousers
Asos Laila flats

  I was never a fan of white bottoms due to practical reasons but these trousers are so cool, and fits me so well, weirdly they add no weight visually, it must be a right fit for me. It is a challenge to keep them all white, especially when you have constant beagle attacks every time you open the door and enter your home but it’s worth to try. Especially, if you want add something very chic and classic to your wardrobe.    

7 thoughts on “Solo

  1. dievca

    Fabulous! I have one pair of white trousers, too. (Martin Margiela) White in NYC? I keep them only because they fit me so well. XO


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