Simple Ideas

IMG_7093 IMG_7101 IMG_7105 IMG_7110 IMG_7134ASOS Beanie
Ebay sunglasses
Sugar Hill Boutique stripped dress
Bershka kitten heels
  As I am doing my best to embrace the goods of summer, buying blueberries in the garden and climbing a trees to eat all sweet cherrys, what is more, I do try to wear skirt and dresses as much as possible.  It is a conscious decision to bring back a bit of a tan  that I lost due to rainy weathers.
For unknown reasons I felt a great need for kitten heels, a red ones. I had to get these as I saw a pair in thrift shop.
And it is awesome.
And comfortable.
And you still don’t like it, but, admit it, sky high heels are doomed. 

5 thoughts on “Simple Ideas

  1. dievca

    You look absolutely adorable, I just had to laugh though because I get a bit of a “Where’s Waldo” vibe. (Children’s Book)


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