In my bag lately

dior mascara IMG_2384   I just understood that I kept all these things in my bag ever since I got them, one-by-one. The only reason is that this stuff is awesome. 
 I am not a pink kind of lady but then I got this little Tenerife make-up bag from my girlfriend (you know a fairing) I found myself so cheesy and sentimental, and it warms my heart every time I see it. 
To match the pink, I got lip balm in bird-shaped-box, so cute! This one is from Springfield as well as a roll on perfume. It was something long forgotten, but so practical and fun. Shame on me I forgot the existence of this cute little treasure. I’m hooked to turn this one into all range of smells. IMG_2392  To make it clear, I usually do my make up in the car. Most of the times it happens then I’m not driving… ok, I kiid. So keeping mascara and eyebrow kit are those two things I call make up. Diorshow mascara gives nice touch and looks so natural- you can never go wrong with it.
  For the finals, my latest crush- PUPA eyebrow set. I found it in the local drug store and I am not sure if it’s available anywhere online. Anyhow, this is just wonderful little secret to have. so easy and fun to use and looks really natural.
Then it comes to make up and all things similar, I’m no addict and I’m quite picky, so these few can be trusted.

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