We all need a straw hat

a fedora hat b fedora hat   I am a good friend with all kinds of hats, so buying new one for summer was a must, I wanted to buy a classic straw hat, imagining it will look so nice both in the city and beach.
My comprehensive research to get a best one online ended up as I got one from H&M. It was a warm day, so I could not trust in plans to receive one later than the exact same day.
I do believe it’s such a staple, so make sure to get one pretty cover up for yourself:

d fedora hat straw hats for summer
1. Raw Edge Straw Floppy Hat
2.Hat Attack Womens Mesa Leather Banded Straw Hat
3. Straw Fedora Hat With Skinny Band
4. Straw Floppy Hat
5. Exclusive to ASOS Borcellino Straw Hat with Leather Trim
6. Sand n Sun Womens Lucille Leather Banded Straw Hat

7. Straw Boater Hat
8. Free People Womens Phoenix Raffia Straw Hat
And yeah, I couldn’t keep it to myself since I also found some awesome fedora hats. Such a pretty shades! It just melts my heart, especially then you understand that bad hair day might be very stylish, haha:
fedora hat buy
1. Blue Felt Fedora Hat
2. Pastel Felt Fedora Hat
3. Burgundy Fedora Hat
4. White Fedora
5. Free People Womens Floppy Fedora Hat
6. Free People Womens Extended Brim Clipperton Fedora
7. Feather And Band Felt Fedora Hat.

7 thoughts on “We all need a straw hat

  1. dievca

    What fun! Gorgeous. There is a Milliner (Hat Maker) here in NYC who makes beautiful pieces. She will be offering Summer Hats, now: Tracy Watts. XO

  2. 2000

    Nice hat, I only have few beanies and two hats for summer/fall. I kinda feel like hats don’t fit me well so I don’t buy them. :/


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