Diy chalk board paint

diy cahlk board paint 0 diy chack board paintWearing vintage Levis jacket from BragVintage
Sometimes my pinteresting addiction hits the highest point, at the moment I’m stuck on my Travel board, pining all things my wandering mind wants to see. Earlier on I had a crush on all those pretty walls and home decor painted with chalk board paint. Couldn’t get rid of the idea to make myself something like that. So, I decided to paint my door and see how it works.
diy chalk board paint There is only few ingredients needed but I couldn’t find it without a help of salesman, so if you’re like me- just take what they give you. If you want to make your own you should get:
x Black acrylic paint (or any color you want)
x Non-sanded powder tile grout
x A brush
x A sandpaper
Process is no other than easy: just mix approx. 3 parts of acrylic paint with 1,5 part of tile grout. Some offer to add water baser medium glaze (1,5 part), yet, it worked for me without it quite well also. So if you’re on a budget you can try a “two ingredient” version.
After mixing everything (don’t hurry), apply the paint on your desired object, if you see a need to coat more than one layer- be patient and wait for a first layer to dry. Also, it is highly recommended to sand a paint before applying new layer.
For pro crafters  you can also check MarthaStewarts recipe. Never thought I’ll be using this name on my blog, yet, rumor has it that she was a finder or this idea.
A final step, of course is to buy some nice colorful chalk and start working on it. 
IMG_2212P.S. my door turned out dark brown since my tile grout had this hard red-brown shade. At first I wanted a black board but I couldn’t find white grout. It doesn’t look to bad and is kind of old-school. Anyway, I recommend to use a white one, so no unexpected colors will turn out of nowhere.

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