Mercy in You

rock chic outfit fedora IMG_7340 IMG_7361 IMG_7369 IMG_7374 IMG_7380 IMG_7395Zara fedora hat
Asos multicolor coat
Sheinside neckline sweatershirt
Cheap Monday skinny jeans

Zanzea backpack
Zanzea mesh sandals
Hi, guuuys! Spring is busy for everyone- same things here. So, I’ll be quite laconic for tonight and I just can say that I’m doing my best to catch up with real life and all the blogging stuff, it’s just ‘aaa’. One advice- if you read e-mail answer it at a dash or you’ll stuck in the mess. It is interesting, I have the ability to make a mess even in my virtual world, ha-ha.
P.S. I’ll let you know about giveaway winners tomorrow! (yes, winners, I decided to share my love with few of you).  

5 thoughts on “Mercy in You

  1. Elda

    The fact that most of your outfits come under the name of Depeche Mode songs has made your blog a MUST check everyday 🙂


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