Life imitates art

IMG_4832 IMG_4835 IMG_4842 IMG_4851 IMG_4859Zara fedora hat
Cut Design Jumpsuit in Black
BikBok shorts
Finsk wedge
Today, I spent in the garden digging in the dirt and trying to reclaim my hair from blackberry branches. I lost some nice strands in the thorns of those. I’m not that much into gardening and don’t do that too often (to be honest, can’t remember a last time), but this day was delightful and I worked my ass off. What is more I thought of one nice DIY, just need to buy some flowers and I’ll show it to you!
Anyway, after a busy day I managed to slip in my new jumpsuit and capture few pics. This
 garment is beyond gorgoeus, I just need it to get a bit warmer.

11 thoughts on “Life imitates art

  1. Instant Milk

    The top is amazing! Love your blog and your looks! I started following you on Bloglovin. I hope you keep up with the great posts. I’d love to see more of these from you<3!

    Come by some time and maybe follow too? Stay in touch!



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