All the friends

IMG_1073 IMG_1081 IMG_1091 IMG_1092Zanzea beanie
Vintage coat
H&M shirt
Mango tote bag
Awear jeans
Garageshoes sneakers
 I don’t know is it just me or it is normal to wear some things all the time. Like this bag- since I bought this, I can hardly leave without it and feel no need to get something new. On the other hand, I’m not that much of a bag person since it’s so annoying to search and move your stuff from one to another. What is more I found myself not that much of sunglasses person either. Even though I need to wear a pair since sun in blinding, but every time I see myself in a picture with my eyes covered I feel looking like a looser. But you just cant be a friend with everyone. 

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