Chromat interpretations DIY

IMG_0374 Guess blazer
H&M skirt
Persunmall necklace
Even since, I saw Chromat stuff, I knew I could do some crazy stuff to get a piece from there. Anyhow, I resided to make something visually similar, so I used elastic and just mixed and matched ends randomly. Didn’t turn out perfect, but I still like the idea itself so that will do for a first time.  
collageIt’s pretty much easy DIY and you can sew everything by hand. If you’ll try to do something like this- make sure you’ll put some dedication since every inch can “dis-balance” a shape.  
diy brallete

4 thoughts on “Chromat interpretations DIY

  1. dievca

    I just collected photos for a Chromat Post! I really like the top you made — well done. Can I link, when I finally get it together? XO


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