Friendly reunion with Tart Collections

tart coat napol tart coat tart collections basic striped shirt tart collections cloth stripe tart collections coat and shirt tart collections coat autumn winter tart collections coat tart collections lookMango gloves and tote bag
HFN sweater worn as scarf
Tart Collections coat
Tart collections top
Choies boots

  It wont be long and I’ll know all couriers from DHL, UPS (and I’m not even taking about my regular postman) by name, this is a regular attribute of online shopaholic or blogger .
Few days back I said ‘hi’ again to a courier as received a box from 
Tart collections and I’m highly pleased to collaborate with this brand again. My favorite piece- military style Marisol coat is such a gorgeous piece for every day and it fits every style.
I wanted to do something more special, so I went to shoot on ice, yet, it was windy and all my neat idea turned into windy messy and tearful images. What happens when clean chic comes together with messy me- perfect storm.  

Check for Tart Collections Autumn sale

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