Sun and snow

IMG_0507 IMG_0508 IMG_0515 IMG_0519 IMG_0525 IMG_0526 IMG_0537 IMG_0540Zanzea beanie with pom pom
Zanzea oversized jacket
rimark knit x trousers
Statement necklace
Mango tote bag
DinSko heels
Oh, goodness finally a sunny day. I woke up in a room full of light, with no doubt, in a mood to have a great day. And it was,the most important- I admitted myself about fears of blogging. As I can rarely be satisfied with my blog, yet, some say, dissatisfaction is what keeps us going. Anyhow, sometimes it stops me since I am so fearful of not raising the bar for myself all the time. We grow such a wear fears to stop ourselves, even though- it’s only in the mind.  

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