We need to talk about the presents

gift list1. Cardboard Small Square Notebook
2. Emporium Candles (Black Cherry Plum)
3. Hand Body Wash
4. Comme des Garcons eau de parfum

5. Feu de Bois Scented Candle
6. Tory Burch Small Cosmetic Case
7. Archipelago Botanicals Fragrance Diffuser
8. Runway textured-leather notebook
Looking at this winter wonderland picture trough my window and drinking some punch is  aperfect time to plan all the holidays: want to do and eat, to buy and make.
Not sure about you guys but I’m running late with my Christmas presents, most of the times I’m in a rush last week. Well, last year I remember shopping on x-mas day itself, how irresponsible am I? 

This week is a last one to buy if you’re shopping online and, indeed, it’s a great place to buy since it’s way easier to get original stuff. 
Something usable for home or body care is always a good thing. Some fancy candles from Diptyque or angelical smell Fragrance Diffuser will always find a place at home and will never be a thing to pick all the dust.
Runway textured-leather notebook is this classic present to buy, the black one you can see above is just perfection, but it’s not the only one, check out these cheap and funny ones: herehere and here.
If something little, yet more personalized is needed Tory Burch Small Cosmetic Case will be perfection for girl-friend. 

Indeed, perfection or the gifts in this list is Comme des Garcons eau de parfum, for the ones you wake up with. Design of the bottle itself will make do it’s work alone.
So, what’s on your list?

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