Into the Black

IMG_8949 IMG_8989 IMG_8997 IMG_9000 IMG_9007 IMG_9010 IMG_9011 IMG_9024Zara fedora hat
Joy Division Shirt
Zara blazer
Zara trousers
Cubus over the knee socks
Bronx wedge
I’m not sure why but I started regaining this craving for black, piece by piece. It’s been two or more years since I opened my closet widely for other colors, and now I’m feeling more or less “back to black”. I even bought black sheets to sleep in as I was in Ikea last weekend. What is more I don’t see any non-black purchases regarding to clothing any time soon. Nothing negative about it, I just missed this type of clean looks.Β 

5 thoughts on “Into the Black

  1. dievca

    I have to ask….do you know the band Joy Division or did you just like the t-shirt? (You are too young to know then the 1st time around) πŸ™‚

    1. DeadlyInlove Post author

      oo believe you me I know joy division. Its kind of pity that this print somehow got very much ‘into fashion’. When my boyfriend bought this shirt for me I was kind of confused to like it or not since I’m into “wearing things” and it might loose a statement as most of the symbols and prints did, in these hipster times. To be honest, I’m too young to be a real of even Nirvana, but music is was my very first love and I got stuck with sounds beginning Black Sabbath and ending Type o Negative. I used to have a lot of merchandise of bands that I appreciate but now so little is left since in became something related to fashion and most of the times I’m visually unrelated to it.


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