Essentials for the Cold

turtle nek sweater looksGaius Over-the-Knee Boot Black Leather
Simply Vera Vera Wang Cable Marled Over-the-Knee Socks
Chunky rib-knit oversized sweater
KAI-AAKMANN bi-colour oversize sweater
P.A.R.O.S.H ‘Sophie’ oversized sweater
Today, the frost made me realize good days are over. So, highly practical closet re-filling is a must. I picture myself perfectly wearing over-sized black turtleneck, matched with long over- knee boots with long socks showing off. Probably, thighs and some nice leather jacket is needed also. Β 
turtleneck sweater lookWool Cable Over The Knee Sock
LANEUS turtle neck sweater
I saw a really nice turtleneck in black at H&M, for great price, pity only a grey one was available in my local store. There are also, really nice over the knee boots in H&M, but I’m still considering: to go for cheap and short- lasting pieces or hit a high price tag and get some quality stuff as listed in here.

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