Countryside living

IMG_7044 IMG_7050 IMG_7051Zara fedora hat
Primark jacket
All Saints scarf
Vintage skirt
Weather is no good nowadays, chilly winds and it’s quite hard to keep my fedora on the head. I would love to post sophisticated city looks only, wearing kitten heels and edgy new pieces, but every day life, wandering in the fields with my puppy shapes outfits as a reality does. Anyway, keeping things natural – here I am, hopefully I won’t fall out of my own borders, ha-ha.

23 thoughts on “Countryside living

  1. It may be scary to run in the dark, but with the right company (ask your friends to run with you) it gets better. At also I’m always trying to run where are the city lights (workouts in dark park it’s not the best idea), or in the morning before going to university.
    Thermo clothes are the best for workouts 🙂
    Thanks for the comment and visit.

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