Back on track

IMG_7470 IMG_7471 IMG_7490 IMG_7496 IMG_7503ASOS cable knit scarf
Zara trousers
Choies boots
Custom made and Cheap Monday rings
Chop-chop and I’m back on track, already a week without posting a single look, that’s unforgettable. Great depression of that pretty fall. Today, I dedicated myself only for it and things will be normal again, or even better.
Partly responded e-mails, checked out my to do list, as always, I want to post so so much. I have a great variety of DIY in my mind and I’m just burning to do these, hopefully will do some, but for today – a simple look, mixing leathers and knits.

13 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. Juliette

    OMG! Your blog is perfect! I love you outfit so much.
    I must to add you to my “Blogs I love” on my blog..
    Thank you for the comment! You look amazing.


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