In the details

IMG_004 My good old gods.
IMG_5918My looove<3
IMG_5919Keeping jewelry in vintage bowls.
IMG_5921Urban ears headphones, sunnies from Ebay, Iconemesis Iphone case.
IMG_5922My Trip adviser.  Blows my mind and fulfills with a wanderlust.
IMG_5928Bohemian dresses are waiting for the summer.
IMG_5944 Only black ones allowed.
IMG_5952Keep on rockin in the free world.IMG_5961 Vintage vintage vintageIMG_5966New hangers in lavender.  IMG_5975Spending my day at home and making everything come to places. It’s weird how do we always concentrate on the things we don’t have, instead of enjoying a space and experiencing what we have right here on the table. I feel a time to move is coming, maybe, both physically and mentally.  And there’s a huge yard sale needed, now the best time for the winter on the way.  

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