Dedications to Phillip Lim


Since I saw ready to wear collection of 3.1 Phillip Lim AW collection, I knew it would be no less that a crime not to share it with you. My absolute favorite this season: a genius matching modernism, practicality, quality and simply – beauty.
Just take a look at the boots: elegant and perfect for every day. I fell in love with both of those you see above. In my mind, these are wardrobe essentials. I picked black ones but just check a version of Quinn loafers in Rose Gold. It‘s magical!
I don‘t even want to begin writing about bags, it‘s like taking minimalism to another level, every each of these will become the key piece of an outfit. The success of Pashli bags is undeniable and a smaller version blue and ox blood won‘t be missed out.
First piece from A/W collection was Multi Fur shoulder bag, a statement one with no „show off“. Maybe it‘s because I‘m crazy about multicolored fur and leather mixing in general not sure. Or maybe it‘s just genius.
I highly recommend you to check the collection here. You‘ll loose your mind as well as I did.

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