Autumn essentials

draft 11. Samba lemon glasses
2.  Fiona paxton watch
3. J’adore sun glasses
4. Turquise niben watch
5. Blue steel sun glasses
6. Turtle twin brasco watch
7. J’adore black flare glasses
8. Ebody twin brasco watch

October just came and it brings me a great thing – birthday! As always, I have a lot of things in minds to wish. I just made some online shopping and I can’t wait for parcels to arrive, yet, two things I still need (really really) are in a decision phase: glasses (or/and sunglasses) and watch. Since I’m unable to decide and taking things too serious I just made the final list.
Surely, all dedications go to sunglasses and Triwa watches, my favorite brands for this type of accessories.  I love every single piece and it makes me feel so weak and materialistic. I think, J’adore black face and J’adore sun chocolate would fit me perfectly (with matching Triwa watch, indeed), bringing this dark bohemian mood. Reminds me of Johnny Depp in`Secret window`, don‘t you think?
On the other hand something colorful would make a great statement as I wear so much of black, this just came into my mind as I saw a look of Samba sunglasses and Ebody watch, looks, oh, so great.
Hoping a right person will see this wish list before my b-day. Fingers crossed.


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