Put it all on

boho chic jewelry fashion jewelery1.Chevron Tri Necklace 2.Lapis Lazuli Pendant Necklace 3.Diamond circle pendant necklace 4.Heart hoop earrings 5.Gold plated citrine necklace 6.Yellow gold Hamsa pendant 7.Collar necklace 8.Twist hoop earrings 9.Anchor pendant necklace 10.Diamond cross pendant 11.Spell on you bracelet 12.Steer bracelet set 13.Black open cuff 14.Minimal, LazuliGreen jade rings 15.Multi drop necklace 16.Duel cuff bracelet 17.Pentagram cuff 18.Quartz and cabochon cuff 19.Aeternum Cuff Bracelet 

Since I have an allergy for nickel I can’t wear any cheap metals, due to that I got used to minimizing my craving for accessories, but now I’m feeling I have to get all the sparkles on me again. Some of you already saw my obsession growing day by day on my Pinterest board, if not check it out! 
As always lost in e-shopping I find some great stuff… gorgeous rings, bracelets and necklaces, oh… Some a bit out of my league and will stay in a dream section for longer than I want to, but there’s also some nicely priced shops to spruce yourself up.
 As you can see, I could never miss out Pamela Love’s designs talking of accessories, no need to say the ones are made by her, also some new names came across. Would love to get a few minimal wedding type of rings or the ones with precious stones from MyJewelryBox, plus just add necklace by Katie Rowland and lovely Hamsa amulet ….aaaand maybe few more? These would go perfect with anything, don’t you think? For statement outfits and cool chic looks rose and metallic hoop earrings could make great boho combination for daytime and evening. I can already image myself wearing all of this expensive wishlist in tons of ways. What’s you favorite?


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