Festival clothing

joules clothing fox print sweater picnic basic

So much to tell you guys, but this post will be more or less summarizing it all, in Festival clothing ideas from Joules
To begin with, I remember walking down somewhere in Covent Garden few months ago, in one shop I saw gorgeous rain boots, perfect colors minimal yet very playful, they were so cheap but I could not take any more things with me while leaving London. And only now things come together as I find their shop online, it’s called Joules. I was taken by the entire neat British concept, clean and positive, bold colors and the cutest prints. I am highly sure if I wore everything from this shop, I could easily be among the Royal family going for a walk with those weird dogs they have. Ha-ha, last sentence was full of confidence. Nevertheless, talking about Royal family- congratulations to new born baby boy!
Since, I‘m highly lost in all the goods, my festival season is at the peak and, what is more, next week I’ll be taking a vacation with my family, here‘s some clothing I’ve found to be just ideal for days in the fresh air.
At the moment, I craving this sweater with fox so bad, just perfect, don’t you think?
joules bootsAs I mentioned, first thing I saw from Joules ever, were wellibots, and o-m-g, how cute are these? And highly affordable also. Every one has such a gorgeous design, colored soles, stripped inside, with sweet little animals all over, but still looking very basic and wearable.
Check these boots and just by print you will know what I’m getting next week. This will be a highlight of my summer.

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