Finsk, baby

finsk autumn winter wooden sole wedgesfinsk london shop saleFinsk A1 Black

I’ve been fascinated by Finsk  for ages and finally a  masterpiece is in my closet, my first ones are from A/W 2012 collection Skin by Finsk. I still remember first time I saw a wedge pair in some magazine and even since then my shoe-heart was stolen. I surely need to get the classic ones but we’ll leave it for another insanity moment.

17 thoughts on “Finsk, baby

  1. Anna-lamode

    Such cool shoes!! I’ve never heard of this brand, but I’m going to have to check it out. They’re so edgy and stylish. Excited to see how you style them : )


  2. elirosu

    wow, they are gorgeous!! Good choice!! Thank you so much for your comment 😉 of course I would love to follow each other 😉 kisses!!


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