Answer time- photo editing

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Remember my winter wishlist?. Well, big one just came true. I have my travel companion Samsung galaxy tablet (not sure now which model). Thank’s to my bf, now I can play with Talking Tom Cat on a big screen, haha!
Well, enough showing off- it’s about time (finally) to start answering the requests I do get from you.  One constant question to come across is about photo editing. I understand it’s not because I am very good at that it’s just because I do it.  Sometimes I don’t edit pictures at all, just re-size it but when I do I use Photoshop CS4 or/and this awesome online program Pixlr. Second one is very easy to use and gives really nice quality , if you go to Pixlr for a first time I recommend  you to use Efficient or Playful modes, I guarantee you’ll have so much fun! You can use a variety of effects and ad a great tones to your picture there, also make basic changes as cropping or adding text. Hope this will help, I’ll be looking forward to see your results!

7 thoughts on “Answer time- photo editing

  1. Andrea

    really helpful! I like it, many bloggers tend to post tons and tons of pictures but never help out with editing photos 🙂 Hope you're having a wonderful day!

    Andrea xx

  2. Jannie

    Hi, there! Wow. That’s a really cool tablet. I’ve heard good things about Samsung’s tablets. Thank you also for sharing your tips on photo editing. Definitely very helpful. 🙂 Followed you on Bloglovin’, by the way.
    Yup, that llama pic sure was funny. I was surprised he or she was actually game to pose for the camera instead of running away from me. 😀


  3. Antolka95

    Great blog 🙂
    I am following you on Bloglovin and blogger 😉


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