Love on the rocks

rock chic 90s outfit black milk swimsuit all saints heels rock chic rock chic outfit all saints glass heels leather skirtAll Saints heels/ Vintage leather skirt/ Primark body

How I love weekends and, oh, Mondays are really this creepy day then i understand how much deeds are undone. That endless circle, yay. This weekend was a pleasure as I had some time to dig my pile of cloth and find Primark body, I bought in the end of winter. Also, this vintage leather skirt and All Saints heels was a sit to forget.  P.S. I think it’s time for a giveaway, isn’t it?

25 thoughts on “Love on the rocks

  1. I really love these shoes. I bought once something similar in H&m by some Martiehghdgkdh (don’t remember the name) but i guess you will understand.
    Also leather skirt isn’t too hot in it? I had leather crop top and it was so hot in it! Uhg , good that i sell it!
    But you look really catchy and great!

  2. Sexy out fit ?
    But maybe wear it in the right time
    And your ass looks amazing in that leather skirt and sexy heels
    Marry me xxx

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