Summer wear

sandalsI have to admit I think I never wore sandals, then I think now I spend my summers in Converse sneakers or something like that. But this year I feel I want sandals and nothing more (doubtful indeed). So now I’m considering in between:
  1. Jeffrey Campbell
  2. Myrtis
  3. H&M sandals
  4. H&M with chains
  5. H&M sandals
  6. Mellisa
  7. American apparel Jerusalem sandals
  8. Zara
H&M has a lot of nice cheap choices, but I think I need to buy long-lasting pair first. So, MyrtisΒ and American apparelΒ are first in my list!


26 thoughts on “Summer wear

  1. Dana Trewin

    The H&M ones are probably the nicest and surprisingly they will last a god couple of years, i still have a floral blue pair of midi heel sandals that i brought 3 years back!

  2. Ms.Sushi

    No.1 – interesting, and they’re from genuine leather, but I don’t think they would be comfortable.
    No.2 – nice and handmade!! but you’re already wrote, they don’t have your size, it’s a shame!
    No.3 – so so
    No.4 – nice and girly and cheap!
    No.5 – my fav! they’re looking awesome and are cheap too.
    No.6- – price too high for shoes made from plastic.
    No.7 – I think they’re a little bit ugly ;((
    No.8 – too simple.

      1. Ms.Sushi

        The sole just doesn’t look good, something wrong with it ;(. But you’re right, they’re from leather – that’s a bonus. The part about Jesus is right too :DD maybe that’s the main problem πŸ˜€

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