jovonna london silk dress bohoJovonnaLondon dress

Well, it’s the second of April and all I can see is snow outside, why-o-why? But it can’t be forever this way, so I did a little shopping for very hot summer nights. This silk dress has that lovely hippie-boho vibration and fits really nice. Even though color is challenging for me, but I needed some new color in the closer, I think.

27 thoughts on “Boho

  1. Ozden

    Thank you so much honeey 🙂

    I love your style and ME TOO,I want to brighten up my closet LOL so let’s Keep shopping 😛

  2. Jasmin

    This dress is awesome and i am totally in love with it:) The pattern and the color are just perfect for spring/summer! I want it was well:)

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  3. Pia

    Beautiful dress. Perfect for a hot summer day.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, of course we can follow each other.
    Following now.



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