Let your mind do the walking

boho chic red pils street style diy quartz pendant rock chic rock chic street style fur coatGarage Shoes wedges/ Zara trousers/ Primark bag/ DIY quartz pendant/ H&M sweater

It’s so weird that spring is just a continuation of winter, it’s cruel. I’m still in my all winter furs, but I want to wear some nice skirts, light dresses and run run run in the wind gardens (of Eden?). I think I’m not the one, am I? 

52 thoughts on “Let your mind do the walking

  1. TANYA

    Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

    You look really cute 🙂 I like the outfit.
    i wanna wear skirts and light dresses as well..I need spring 😦



  2. Sunny

    Wow! What a g great outfit and make-up! You look like a fashion model! Is that real or fake fur?
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Sure we can follow each other! I will follow you now via GFC, hope you’ll follow back :o).


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