Love to all

asos coat multicolor coat asos multicolor coat patchworkasos multi color faux fur coatasos rock chic patchwork coatZara trousers/ Choies ankle boots/ All Saints scarf/ Handmade sweater/ ASOS patchwork coat

Ages ago, I showed you this patchwork Asos coat as one of my “to buy or not to buy” but oh, I lost control and just ordered these. I think it was a good buy and price was so great due to the sale. 
*but I still like my pinkfur coat better ‘cose it was my boyfriends gift. (Chuckle).

23 thoughts on “Love to all

  1. firmoo

    Hi, Many of our fans are looking forward to see pictures from excellent bloggers like you on world’s 1st eyewear styling community, could we have the honor to see you there?

  2. KorubettosHaiku

    Did you knit your jumper yourself? It says handmade so I thought why not? It`s a nice shade of green and really stands out underneath the jacket.

      1. KorubettosHaiku

        Yeah she did. So nice to get it knitted by someone because real wool sweaters are hard to find in shops now. Most of them look and feel like wool but are actually acrylic. Not bad in itself but still…

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