All the time

iron fist kitty coat iron fist kitty coat beanie high heels leather pantsheelsBik Bok hat/ Iron Fist coat/ Vintage Lee shirt/ Zara trousers/

Hello, oh, I can’t stop wearing my soft fluffy coat, it’s so warm in it and I look like a bear, ouu… I know, I’m on and off at the moment, don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m going to change my work and planning my travels at the moment so it’s a pickle to keep myself focused on this pleasure called “blog”. But I’m really looking forward to settle down and show what I have in mind and closet.
 X Looove X

18 thoughts on “All the time

  1. Laima

    outfitas patinka, bet omg, kulnai tokiu oru, t.y. per tokius šaligatvius yra aukštasis pilotažas. net jei tereikia nueiti iki mašinos ir kažkur iš jos. 😀

    1. DeadlyInlove Post author

      Aciu 🙂 As su jais tik i masina, o ir vairuot nenusimovus ismokau, score! Bet jau po pirmo isejimo turejau idomiu istoriju, bet tebunie kitam kartui jos 😀


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