Made with love

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So it’s time to start showing-off what I received for Christmas! This coat is one of the presents I received from my boyfriend (he’s really awesome). He knows what’s hot! I like Iron First stuff, it’s really spicy and even tag is awesome, I’m not even talking about lining! Also, I’m wearing one of the skirts from my DIY skirt period (that I’m going trough now) and vintage fluffy sweater (OMG I bought sooo many last month, some kind of mania).


23 thoughts on “Made with love

  1. Laima

    cool etiketė, nuostabu kaip kaikurie brand’ai pagalvoja ir apie smulkmenas, kažkaip iškart arčiau širdies. o ir šiaip smagi tokia “šūba”, graži spalva 🙂


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