sprakiing blouse _MG_7594 _MG_7603

Hello, dear ones, I sure have to apologize for being so silent lately, but it’s such a busy time for all of us, isn’t it?  To get back on track, I’m showing you my great catch I’ve found while “vintage hunting” awhile ago. This handmade sparkling top is a bit too big but I’ll think of something, perfect for New Year Eve. Almost Madonna like!
Love to all and have a great next year!
P.S. I did not forget any requests and promises I made to some of you, I’ll try to do everything as soon as possible.

25 thoughts on “Sparkle

  1. Janna

    Thanks! This top is gorrrgeous, It certainly is perfect for NYE. Happy new year ♥

    Ik hope you’ll drop by again and wanna follow me? x

  2. Jodie

    thank you for the kind comment on my blog- I was looking for the tight words to describe those dresses; school girl is right. what an amazing find!

  3. Laima

    handmade? makes me think about all the hard work someone put into this. looks like almost a piece of art, seriously. beautiful. 🙂


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