_MG_5635 _MG_5638 _MG_5637_MG_5632Garageshoes wedges/ Kilt from Scotish kilt shop/ H&M jacket/ Vintage collar/ Zara scarf

Oh, gosh it’s so cold! I just checked online -3, nonsense! I can asure you it feels like -20, my joints hurts (cool story gramma!), haha. I just received my winter boots, really like it! Post pics later- now, off to work!Β 



7 thoughts on “December

  1. alienrobot

    hi nice blog here

    its looks like your shoots are a lot of fun
    not to mention you look very beautiful
    love the snow scenes as well : )

    the quality photos could also be improved upon

    1. DeadlyInlove Post author

      It’s my aim- to learn take good pictures! There’s so many things I don’t know yet, but this blog helps me a lot to make improvement faster and it’s very relaxing πŸ™‚


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