In a power of Santa

wishlistOh, it’s such a great time to wish something really cool, here’s a things I secretly craved for quite a while. I’m so not getting any of this stuff ‘cose Santa’s too bussy to read my blog in this time of year, but it’s worth to try.
  • Samsung Galaxy tab 2. Getting this thing sooner or later (so don’t worry Santa)- it’s so comfy to travel with tab and it’s so white and pretty!
  • Choies wedges.Β I’ve been searching for nice chunky wedges for a while- these are not my darkest dream come true but still would love to see them in my closet.
  • Pringle of ScotlandΒ jacket. One of the prettiest aviator jackets on earth from 2010 collection, so out of my league (~1000pounds) but O-M-G!
  • Canon camera. Well, having a good compact camera lets you walk with average size bags.
  • Philip Lim 3.1 bag. Just perfect, damn, you Philip Lim, you’re breaking my heart.

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