Still in the weekend mood

Look that I’ve got, kitty attack! I have four sweet sugar candies runing all over the place and I’m enjoying this so much, who wouldn’t?
I noticed, that I am getting used to the glasses, but now I’m fighting with my boyfriend for it, so I’ll have to get at least one more pair. As I mentioned in the previous post before, my glasses are from Firmoo, online shop. They offer such a cheap prices, I was amazed and suspicious at first ‘cose price includes lenses also. But then a got my package all suspicions were gone and they included this cool bag and glasses box, that you can see in the picture below. How is this possible, I think this shop will make prices bigger later but now it’s just a way attract buyers (just guessing, I’m so suspicious all the time:D). And great thing is that they offer free pair of glassess if you buy from theyr shop for a first time.  You just have to pay for shipping, which is approx. 15 dollars. . So I’m quite happy I found this shop, I’m gonna sooo buy  from Firmoo tons of glasses. 

And that about Black Friday? Did you buy anything cool? Or lame? I bought some basics from Zara and Mango, but nothing “Wow”. 

11 thoughts on “Still in the weekend mood

  1. Ninna

    Hy, lovely blog ❤
    About glasses is where no additional charges or something like that?
    I bought some cool stuff online on cyber Monday, cose they also had sales but not much I did on Black Friday 🙂


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