Nothing to write about outfit, ‘cose I’m wearing all old cloth, except my oversized glasses I got from Firmoo, cool cheap shop, but more about it later. This post is quite different for me, it’s a first time I’m showing up wearing glasses “in public”. I thought I’ll give it a try in a blog, ‘cose I had some free time today to make pics as my car broke down and I had to wait for “backup”. I’m blind like a bunny in a hat but I am always so afraid of glasses ‘cose they might create that strictly geeky look. Oh, anyway but it’s necessity while working or driving, so I’m going to experiment on it more. 
Have a great weekend guys. I’m going back to River Island  page ‘cose I just saw today they deliver worldwide for free. Awesomeness!

8 thoughts on “Surprising

  1. Maki | Moon River Travels

    You look cute with glasses on! I’m blind without my glasses and I used to be so embarrassed to wear them, too. I’ve learned to embrace them though, and now I get compliments on them al the time! They’re no longer a “geek” thing.

  2. caeleb

    I have a a pair of fake glasses that have large frames. I love them. I think they finish any look whether you are dressed up or dressed down. Thumbs up!


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