Suffer well

Nowhere heels/H&M coat/HFN sweater/Vintage collar 
Oh, I feel so bad for posting little this week, but weather was just suicidal, gash! So I’m wearing every warm piece I can find. But there si a good new- ooo few days ago Depeche Mode annouced theyr tour dates, omg, this brings me shivers, similar to getting some cool shoes you dreamed at night. 


21 thoughts on “Suffer well

  1. Ali Mackin

    This looks is so goth in a fashion forward way congrats on Depeche Mode yes I have posted in over a week because of storm still no power.

    Ali of


  2. zoeaudi

    I just posted on Julia-sarr jamois and would like to contact you about that post and a competition that is taking place. you have no email present but if you are kind enough please email me to discuss it further. LOVE YOUR BLOG.


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