Every time I leave you

Every time I leave Scotland, it’s breaking my heart. Such a dreamy place, maybe I’ll go there once for all, so just for the sake of memories few picutures from there- land of man in skirts. I had tons of work to do there, so saldy not much of a freetime stuff I can share. The only cheesy-touristic thing I managed to do was going to underwater world there you get into this tube and there is water full of sharks all over you. It was inpressive!
I came to London straight from Edinburgh, gash, I was pissed how unpretty London is 😀 But then it flashed me why I love London too, I’m not that kind to those one place, I wish I could have more bodies to share myslef all over the world. 
Talking about London, I’ll do my best to share something from London Fashion Weekend 😉

8 thoughts on “Every time I leave you

    • Yes it is. It’s such a beautiful place. And I love Stockholm also, I want to go there at least once more! I want to visit places I’ve never been but also come back to the ones I loved, that’s a pickle 😀

  1. My partner is Scottish – and We met in Milton Keynes and moved to London – We now have recently moved to Hong Kong… I see the essence and beauty in Scotland it is breathtaking and very strong. London is a city with lots of vibe and electric energy you get warped it. I love where I am now – but would love to visit Scotland again ..LA x

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