More is More earing DIY

I’ve been so fascinated by Anna Dello Russo, so I just needed to share this little DIY, that will spice your simple everyday outfits or match perfectly while wearing gorgeous evening dress. One of the cheapest ways to create this sprakling and shiny accessories is ussing buttons, so it’s about that.ย 
You need:
x Pair of big vintage or vintage alike buttons
x Small pliers
x Glue gun
x Pair of earring post studs
So, remove button mesh (I recomend you to use plastic buttons, it will be much easier to remove it, I failed doing it with grass buttons several times).
When glue earring post studs to bottom of the button (oh, tongue twister) and push it right down. I used gule gun but the best way to do that would be super glue or smth like that ‘cose sometimes glue gun fails me.
This is it ! Tuduum Tyssh! Hope you liked it.
ย *sorry sorry for these horrible nails, I’ve been scratching quite a few buttons with pliers lately ๐Ÿ™‚

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