Vero moda long shirt/ DinSKo shoes/ DIY necklace
Hey, guys. So autumn breaze is knocking at a door and I decided to put on my awesome Scottish skirt, I bought it a while ago from souvenir shop in Edinburgh, I love cuts of this type of skirts, just amazing. I wanted one simply black and classic red one. But I wouldn’t find red so there is only one in my closet.
To be honest, I’m going to buy new one from quality shop, Cose the one you see above was 80 pounds and quality isn’t too good: waist line quite thick and fabric is poor. Good quallity kilt and other scottish clothing is expencive, I would pay no less than 300 pounds for skirt like that. Is it worth it? Well, I think, indeed, It’s just the most amazing folk type of clothing piece I ever saw. (Yet)

20 thoughts on “Scottish

  1. nicebuttsdrivemenuts

    I also love Scottish kilts. For being a traditional/historical piece of clothing they are still very fashionable. tavo kiltas juodas yra labai grazus, but I agree that an expensive kilt is definitely worth the price


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