F&F dress
Nowhere shoes
Nelly haircuff 
Federico Mazzei ring
Hey, dear ones, I just bought new telescopic lence for my camera, how intersting and difficult it is to figure out all the possibilities!  This time I wanted to show my new ring made by F.Mazzei, italian jewelry designer based in Edinburgh. Ring itself is made from silver with huge labradorite in the middle. It sparkles in white and blue tones, oh!
What about you? Would you rather have lots of jewerely or a few great quality pieces?

19 thoughts on “Grey

  1. Elena

    great simple outfit, it takes real skill to pull outfit like this and yet not look boring.
    I love the ring and yes I prefer one statement piece of jewelry, but some times depends on the look you wanna get.
    you caught my eye girl, I’m your new follower 🙂

    love love Elena

  2. Cecily

    ew great quality pieces is always better!!! but there’s a few people who actually can manage to put a thousand pieces, mix them and still manage to look great! ahahhaha

    love the shoes also!btw

  3. Emmy Charlotte Watts

    I love this look – I’m all over jumper dresses at the moment. You look so pretty in the first picture especially – very wistful x


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