Hangover in Stockholm

Hey, everyone, hope you had a great weekend, well I had quite nice one. I decided to share some pics of my visit in Stockholm. You see,  I’m wearing my travel black uniform: trousers, hat, sweater and backpack. If you’l ever meet me in the airport- I can assure you- I’ll look like this.

And what about Stockholm? I enjoyed it, but it’s so Nordic, gash! Not much of a fuss, but after some time living in Sweden I got used to that. To tell you a secret, for nighlife I would prefer Finland lill better because of all the noisy living!

Anyway, Stockholm is worth visiting, not only ‘cose there are maybe million H&M shops! Oh, I love the fact that there are so many awesome brands that can be found only in Scandinavia or just Sweden. There are soo many things too see and do, oh, so good. I can’t wait next time I’ll be in this beautiful city.

I recommend you to visit Absoulut ice bar, there are one in London and some other cities, so it’s not something unique but it’s soo cool! For lovely evening you should go to cheap cocktail bar called Vampire lounge! I did not have hangover in Stockholm, but I look like I did! Oh, chics, never go anywhere without make up 😀

Vi ses!

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25 thoughts on “Hangover in Stockholm

  1. Į Stokholmą norėčiau, 🙂 o keliauti patogiai yra gerai. Man pvz. visada sunku su bendrakeleiviais, kurie niekad nebūna tinkamai pasiruošę kelionėms. 🙂

  2. You look great! When I think about backpacking and travel uniform I think boring, boring but you worked out a great outfit! I’m gettin inspired by it for my next road trip.

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  4. Oh wow, Stockholm, I would love to go there one day!
    Thanks for commenting on my Primark post. I must say though that I can´t say anything against the Primark quality. So far I´ve just bought pieces that are still looking as good as in the beginning (except for my cardigan which has been washed 100 times :P)

  5. OMG what a beautiful city & I love your traveling outfit it’s like “I’m cute, but I’m not trying to be”. I also have a traveling outfit that I wear every time I travel, it’s nice to be really comfy when you’re traveling 🙂

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