My Easter outfit and Eggs in tights

For my Easter dinner I wore my leo heels, that my Boyfriend convinced me to buy (happy about it!) and dress from Primark. You know, Primark is so cheap and lines are so long there, so ussualy I buy things from there without trying it first- and it’s quite to short (I’m quite tall you know), but it’s still wearable if you don’t walk in a wind. I matched classic pearl neclace, ‘cose it’s searious family occasion 😉

Also, I made my hair into this beautiful messy nest kind of thing. I got recently obsessed by it- it’s comfortable (cose it’s so hard to control long hair), it looks bohemian and suitable for freetime as well as family dinner. Moreover, it makes my natural born ombre hair to be seen!  I would like to explain how I made this thing, but I don’t know how I did it- my hands worked for me. I think you should try  it- ‘cose it’s very very easy!

My Easter must have on the table: own-grown spring onion. It looks good and it’s eatable!

Every year it’s the same at my grandmas’ place:

1.we cover eggs in onion layers

2.when put them in the old tights (don’t worry clean ones)

3.boil those covered eggs in paint (just in case: special paint suitable for food)

It might be weard if you never seen this before. But I remember doing this since I have a memory. I still can’t understand why was i decided to use tights? ‘Cose actually, it’s not so necessary in this process 😀

And result is: taaa-daaa! Beautiful!

When eggs are dry and cold, we wax them with a bit of oil or fat, so it would have a fancy shiny effect!

Best wishes and I hope you had a great Easter or you are still having it as well I do 😉

12 thoughts on “My Easter outfit and Eggs in tights

  1. Laima

    graži sukjnelė, graži komoda, graži šukuosena ir gražūs kiaušiniai 😀 man perlai irgi asocijuojasi kažkaip su rimtais šeimos pietum, arba kažkuo panašiu. 😀


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